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Gardener's Guide to Bulbs. Please note that you will be directed to our active store.

LILLIUM (lilies)

LILLIUM (lilies)

LILLIUM (lilies)

Lilies require a fertile well-drained soil with an uninterrupted supply of moisture while they are growing. They should be planted 6"-8" deep. In heavy soils, sand must be added below the bulb to prevent water-logging. Most make excellent subjects for pots. We recommend soaking the bulb for one hour in plain water before planting. All require a regular supply of water when in growth and benefit from a liquid feed.

Plant List


Award of Garden MeritOriental hybrid lily with huge white outward-facing flowers with a hint of green in the centre. Strongly scented. They require a acid soil and flower in mid summer. Probably one of the best for large pots. Mine are still flowering after 15 years!

Height: 36"

Flowers: August

Price: 3 = £5.00; 10 = £15.30



Tree Lily. Clusters of waxy white trumpet flowers with a heavy maroon central mark. Scented and vigorous. It just gets better year on year, eventually reaching a staggering 6' with up to 30 flowers.  I grow it among penstemmons and roses.  

Height: 4' - 6'

Flowers: July-August

price 3 = £7.00




Award of Garden Merit(Species lily )The white version of the well known Turk’s Cap lily. The stems with their whorls of leaves are topped by up to thirty creamy-white unspotted Turk’s Cap flowers. Perfect for light shade or will naturalis. Seeds aroung here among shrubs.

 It is not fussy and easy in any well drained soil but may take time to settle. Plant the bulbs at least 10cm deep and water regularly in the first year.  Can be naturalised in light grass. Grows well with fritillaria meleagris.

Height: 3’-4’

Flowers: June



This item is currently out of stock.



(Species lily)  One of the most spectacular of lilies. It produces up to five huge recurved trumpets of greeny-cream, each with a deep maroon centre. It requires an acid soil. We grow it under a North facing wall. It is stoloniferous and you never know quite where the stems will emerge. We have grown it under a Rhododendron.  It is not suitable for pots as the shoots are most likely to ome through the drainage hole..


Flowers: July

Price: £3.50 each; 3 = £9.00



Award of Garden Merit(Trumpet Lily)  Probably the best known of all trumpet liles. Large heads of glistening white, strongly scented trumpet flowers shaded yellow at the throat with a soft rose exterior. One of the very best all rounders for pots or borders. It is lime tolerant. Plant the bulbs at least 10cm deep in fertile soil in sun or part shade. Water well if in pots.

Height: 4’

Flowers: Jun-Jul

Price: 3 = £7.00; 10 = £21.00



Award of Garden Merit =those plants given the Award of Garden Merit by the RHS.

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